Coinpaprika 2022 Summary

It all started with an idea – an internal signal that gave tremendous energy to act. It was multiplied by hundreds of hours of work, thousands of code characters, and many experts’ experiences. That’s how the Coinpaprika API, as you know it now, was created. Currently, we are finishing 2022 feeling immense pride and motivation for further work.

At the moment we have more than 1000 customers. We are consistently developing our product to fit the needs of the most demanding players in the market. See the pace of product growth we have imposed on ourselves:

November 2020 – we listed 4700 assets.

November 2021 – we listed 10819 assets.

December 2022 – we list 46850 assets!

The data comes from 500 data sources, including 350 active exchanges! Our product is the most accurate tool available to track market data. 

For one year, we multiplied the asset number by about 4.2 times! We won’t stop growing. Coinpaprika is the #1 API in the market 👉

To celebrate the end of the year, our developer’s advocate JJ has prepared the State of Art for December 2022. It will give you an even better idea of the possibilities our API offers in its current version 👇


As mentioned in our previous blog post, Coinpaprika has been in constant development of its cryptocurrency API solution since 2018. At the same time, our metrics of processed API requests, supported API clients, market coverage, developers, and clients who trusted our solution have significantly grown. Still, our mission remains the same.

Our ultimate goal is to provide developers and clients with trustworthy and effective automated data curation that can be easily accessible via API.

As of today, our Pricing & Market Intelligence API gathers market data from 500+ sources every minute, including:

Key metrics
In terms of detailed numbers, our solution processes: 

What kind of data could be retrieved from our API?

The data retrieved from our API provides information on pricing and market intelligence, and basically, it could be divided into three categories: 

On top of that, we are constantly working on adding new features such as real-time price calculations, news coverage, sentiment and derivatives analysis, order book histories, NFT coverage, and on-chain key metrics. We aim to reach 100k market coverage in terms of listed assets.

In the coming year, we will have more exciting news to share with you, so stay tuned with us whether you are interested in testing the capabilities of our API, do not hesitate and sign-up to get your free access now at

An example of the capabilities of our API – accurate total volume 2022 (as of December 28) for CEXes and DEXes:


Binance: 5 105 071 305 105 USD (5,1 trillion USD)

Coinbase: 709 440 992 133 USD (709 billion USD)

Kraken: 246 547 494 498 USD (246 billion USD)

OKX: 666 411 334 386 USD (666 billion USD)

Zonda: 1 934 812 308 USD (1,9 billion USD)

Egera: 34 646 272 USD (34 million USD)


Uniswap V3: 355 303 614 437 USD (355 billion USD)

Pancakeswap V2: 183 296 506 988 USD (183 billion USD)

Closing note

Thank you for 2022 with Coinpaprika. Remember that, as a community – you greatly influence the development of our API. We are always open to your suggestions. You can contact us through: 



Happy new year!
Coinpaprika Team

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