COINS by Coinpaprika – Your One App for Crypto is officially in App Store

After almost 12 months of constant development, we are ready to announce that our newest product has been successfully released into iOS Devices! If you have an iPhone or iPad, it’s the best time to grab our app for free on the App Store.

For many of our users, it may appear as a mobile version of Coinpaprika, but since the beginning, we wanted to go a few steps further. Our mission was always to create tools that both new and experienced users will be able to use freely. So we decided that instead of copying the coinpaprika into the app, we will pack all of the essential features in the crypto world into one app that crypto community needs.

So what are COINS? On the day of its release, COINS is built upon three core functionalities:

  • Research – powered by coinpaprika, this part of our app gathers information about over 4000 cryptocurrencies out of which over 2500 are active (meaning these are being traded on a daily basis). We track, collect & display information about coins you didn’t even know they existed! The exploration of new possible investments has never been more accessible before.
  • Invest – into many different projects directly within our app. We designed our super-friendly interface to eliminate the pain of unfriendly exchange designs. Within just a few clicks, you can exchange the crypto you have into the one you desire. And our additional Fiat2Crypto gateway allows you to also purchase small amounts of cryptocurrencies with the most convenient solutions – for example, via Apple Pay.
  • Store – COINS is also a non-custodial multi-wallet on your phone. With the support of over 1900 cryptocurrencies, the possibilities of building your investment portfolio are endless. By having a cybersecurity background experience, we took every measure to create COINS as secure as it is possible. Your keys are always on your phone secured by your biometrics.

So no matter if you are looking for a secure wallet for your crypto, an easy way to exchange coins, or would like to have a whole crypto Wikipedia on your phone – our app can do it all. And as we said at the beginning, it’s already available for iOS! Just search for COINS – One App for Crypto on App Store or go directly via this link.

Android version will be available in Q1 2020, so if you would like to when it’s going to be released, subscribe to our newsletter on Coinpaprika. It’s also worth to mention that soon, we’re going to implement new features as well as add more coins to our wallet!

Thank you, everyone, for your constant support, and if you would like to chat with us, don’t hesitate to follow our social media!

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