Coinpaprika Update – Ad Banner

Yes, there will be an ad on Coinpaprika. No, it won’t affect your experience.

Since the launch of the project, we have been working hard to increase the overall experience of cryptocurrency research. Back then, we decided that our platform will be free for everyone, as “information wants to be free”. And we haven’t changed our minds since then.

What was just an experiment in April 2018, became a part of the crypto community throughout this time. Hundreds of people use our API to build incredible products for many users around the world. For thousands of users, we are a favourite pick when it comes to data providers. We receive & review enormous amounts of tickets regarding new coins & exchanges every day. Actually, at the time we are writing this post, we track & store data directly from 25 092 markets independently from our competitors. It’s a lot of data, and if we wanted to remain competitive & fast for every crypto user, we need to fund all of those activities. That’s why we decided to introduce ads on Coinpaprika. By placing them, we believe Coinpaprika will be able to sustain its monthly costs of editorial work & data storage, without interrupting the user experience. With additional budget generated from the ads, we will be even able to invest in our infrastructure so that Coinpaprika will have better availability in many different regions.

Our team will continue with our mission of building the most comprehensive and reliable crypto data source –

Additionally, we are incredibly excited to launch our new mobile app COINS – it’s now available for iOS users on the App Store. (The Android version is coming soon) Our mission here is to provide both new and existing users with an EASy to use tool for ALL crypto needs. It would be awesome if you could help us spread the word.

We want to advertise only legitimate projects on our website. As it is the only place on the whole site where you can find sponsored content, it is an excellent opportunity for projects who wants to generate exposure. If you believe your project brings much-needed value to the crypto space and would like to advertise, please reach us out on

Thank you for your constant support! We hope you’ll understand our decision!

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