Coinpaprika Release — WordPress Plugin

“That’s one small step for a coinpaprika, one giant leap for WordPress Editors” ~ Satoshi Nakamoto about our latest update

Our most recent update features Coinpaprika WordPress Plugin, which provides new possibilities in sharing data across crypto channels. WordPress is a powerful tool for thousands of users use to create their websites. To reach out to all of those who are crypto-orientated, we prepared a coinpaprika plugin with 3 ways of distributing data across your website.

What makes it special is that it doesn’t require much work to implement, and makes you certain that the data shown is provided directly from our website! Below we’ll explain the key features of our new creation:


These can make your article always up to date by simply delivering core information in the cleanest way possible. As the name suggests it is a short part of the code which by simple modifying displays most important information like:

  • type of coin
  • icon of the coin
  • metric: price, 24h volume, marketcap, ath
  • % change

Here is an example of such code: 27 916.87 USD 3.22% — it shows Bitcoin price in US Dollars.

Coin Price Table

This feature is bigger but also displays more info. What is most important, you can choose the coins that are within your interest. Are you a fan of Bitcoin forks? Go display only those coins which were made by forking BTC. In this way you can display your portfolio without any coin that is not worthy of your attention.

Coin Ticker Widget

We suppose, you already encountered those, if not check our previous article about that feature here. If you are talking about one certain coin, why not display actual data about it? Our widgets are easy to configure and bring that positive design feeling into your website!

What do you think about that Plugin?

Check now on WordPress & let us know!

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