Coinpaprika Release – Status Page & Blog Release

Coinpaprika Blog has been launched

Coinpaprika Status Page

During 1st week of the May we were facing some unexpected technical issues on our servers. The problem was a bug in hard drives firmware, so before we found out the real reason, we had to make few unplanned maintenance breaks. These issues were handled pretty quickly, later whole case was analysed thoroughly, to make sure, this issue won’t occur in the future. We take all blame for not informing you about what was happening. So, to provide fully transparency to our users we created status page, where we will inform you about current status of our services, information about all issues and planned maintenances. Head to to find information about:

  • Overall Status
  • Average Load Time from last 24h (in ms)
  • Website Uptime over past 30d
  • API Uptime over past 30d
  • Incident History

By creating this page, we hope, that even in the hardest times everyone will be informed about what is happening.

Coinpaprika Blog Release

Additionally, we decided to move the blog to our own subdomain. By launching Coinpaprika blog here, we wanted to organize our content in a far better way than it was done on Medium. Currently, we have 3 categories that are going to be developed constantly day by day:

  • Updates – Here you can find everything new that happened on Coinpaprika, every single new feature, methodology update, or extraordinary matters regarding our platform, will be carefully explained there.
  • Analysis – written by our experts, those (mostly) short articles will explain current situations on the market. As Coinpaprika gathers a great amount of data straight from the exchanges we have a great position to observe the market.
  • Tutorials – These ones are for anybody that would like to expand their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Written in an easy-to-read way, these interesting pieces of content are a great gateway to the world of crypto!

So, how do you like our Coinpaprika blog & Status Page? Let us know in the comments!

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