Coinpaprika Release — Users / Transfers

Coinpaprika latest release focuses on users & transfers – a useful piece of data to track in order have a better understanding of the given coin.

Where can I find it?

Just go to any Erc20 cryptocurrency you are interested in (Currently we track Erc20 only) and click on the Users/Transfers Tab.

What can I find there?

  • “Wealth Distribution” tells you how is it distributed within wallets (The more evenly distributed they are, the fewer users control the majority of those coins)
  • “The Biggest Holders” presents you wallet addresses that store the biggest amount of a given token. Those may have the biggest impact on the market.
  • “Users and Transfers daily” shows charts with daily activities of chosen cryptocurrency like Daily Active Users, Daily Transfers, Daily Transfers Value

Check those few examples by yourself: BNB, ZRX, OMG, ZIL

What do you think about that feature?

Check now on Coinpaprika & let us know!

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