Coinpaprika Release — Upgraded API

Meet the Coinpaprika API: the world’s most comprehensive free cryptocurrency data API.

Our Mission

Our goal at Coinpaprika was always to bring as much value as possible to the crypto world. The change that the crypto market faced in the last few months caused a few major players to change their business model and start charging high amounts for market data. We came to realize that there is a centralization in the cryptocurrency world when it comes to market data.
It makes it more difficult than ever now to find high-quality data for free.
That’s why we’re creating the best market tracking products possible and delivering that valuable data to every cryptocurrency user, for free, for whatever purposes.

Coinpaprika API

Meet the Coinpaprika API: Offering more than 25 million calls per month from more than 17 different endpoints — at absolutely no cost whatsoever — our API is the obvious choice for all of your cryptocurrency development needs. That’s right:

  • 100% free for everyone and everything (vs $700 monthly fee of market leaders)
  • 25+ million calls per month (vs 3 million calls per month of market leaders)
  • more than 17 different endpoints (as 17 are offered by market leaders)

Still not convinced? Read more about what our API has to offer:

API Features

Despite the fact our API is totally free, we made sure not to cut back on valuable functionality. We offer all the same data as leading cryptocurrency APIs and more, so you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Our basic features include:

  • Overall market data: market cap, 24-hour volume, BTC dominance, and more
  • Individual coin data: market cap, description, Open/High/Low/Close, and more
  • Tickers, exchanges: supplies, markets, fiats, and more

However, we’re the first API to offer features such as:

  • Events (relating to individual cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole)
  • Tags (helping you categorize coins by their purposes, features, and technologies)
  • Searches (allowing you to find coins, people, and exchanges matching a phrase)

There’s plenty more functionality, too! Read our full list of endpoints, parameters, and samples on our dedicated Coinpaprika API documentation page.

Historical Data

You’re this far down the page and there are still more reasons to use the Coinpaprika API; in this case, it’s our comprehensive selection of historical market data.

Unlike current market leaders, who offer access to historical data up to 12 months old, the Coinpaprika API has no limits on historical data. That means you can request cryptocurrency market data from as far back as our records go, at a total cost of — you guessed it — zero.


In the interests of making our API as effortless and accessible as possible, we haven’t included any keys, accounts, or passwords in our API design. This is made possible in part by the totally free nature of our service, and our simple IP-based throttling system — which keeps the API running smoothly for all.

So, there’s no registration to worry about with our API. You can start building straightaway with just the push of a button.

We realize that there are still metrics that you would like to obtain from our platform, so feel free to suggest those!

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