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What Is A Delegator

What is a Delegator?

A delegator is an individual or entity that participates in a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism to help secure a cryptocurrency network. In a DPoS network, users stake their tokens to elect trusted validators, or “delegates”, who are responsible for validating transactions and ensuring the network’s security. Delegators are those who have chosen to trust the delegates and have delegated their staked tokens to them. Delegators are typically rewarded for their contribution to the network in the form of transaction fees, which are split between the validators and the delegators. Delegators are also able to benefit from the rewards that validators receive, as they are usually distributed to both the validators and the delegators.

The Benefits of Delegating

Delegating tokens to a validator can be a great way to earn passive income, as the rewards that validators receive can be substantial. Delegating tokens can also help to secure the network and ensure its continued operation. By delegating tokens, you are helping to ensure that the validators are honest, reliable, and trustworthy, which helps to keep the network secure. Delegation also helps to decentralize the network, as it allows users to choose who they trust to validate transactions and secure the network. This helps to ensure that no single entity is in control of the network and helps to prevent centralization of power. Finally, by delegating, users can make sure that their tokens are always staked and not sitting in an exchange wallet, which can make them vulnerable to hacks and other security issues.


In conclusion, delegators are an important part of a DPoS network and can greatly benefit from delegating their tokens to trusted validators. Delegating tokens can help to secure the network, decentralize it, and provide passive income for delegators. Therefore, it is important to research and choose validators carefully before delegating tokens.
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