Coinpaprika Release — API Clients

Coinpaprika latest update features API Clients — a way to fasten communication between your software and our servers. Coinpaprika gives you 430 000% more requests than CMC? Our Application Programming Interface lets you request data straight from our servers. You can obtain information from all possible endpoints. Our API is free for anyone and very efficient at the … Continue reading Coinpaprika Release — API Clients

Coinpaprika Release — WordPress Plugin

“That’s one small step for a coinpaprika, one giant leap for WordPress Editors” ~ Satoshi Nakamoto about our latest update Our most recent update features Coinpaprika WordPress Plugin, which provides new possibilities in sharing data across crypto channels. WordPress is a powerful tool for thousands of users use to create their websites. To reach out … Continue reading Coinpaprika Release — WordPress Plugin

Coinpaprika Release — Independent Source of Crypto Data

After continuous strive to have independent data, now we can say that we are fully autonomous from other services! What does it mean? Data from 176 exchanges is imported and stored into our servers without any 3rd party members. With that integration we can bring you data straight from the places where the trades take … Continue reading Coinpaprika Release — Independent Source of Crypto Data

Coinpaprika Release — Responsive Web Design

We know that many of you use mobile phones and tablets everyday to browse coinpaprika (more specifically, nearly 40%), so we decided to improve your experience with our platform! Our latest release is focused on responsive web design. Whole content on our website is now smoother, lighter & easier to read for mobile devices. Most … Continue reading Coinpaprika Release — Responsive Web Design